• €469 million in research and development spending in 2013 (9% of sales)
  • Crop protection pipeline with peak sales potential of €2,100 million
  • Successful product launches in all indications
  • BASF Plant Science: introduction of Genuity® DroughtGard® drought-tolerant corn in the United States

Clearfield® Production system in Malaysia

Higher yields in rice cultivation

Value for BASF

More than



Expected annual sales growth

in Malaysia until 2018

Value for our customers

Up to


Greater rice yields

Value for BASF

The Clearfield® Production System combines our broad-spectrum herbicides with our partners’ nontransgenic, herbicide-tolerant seeds. In Malaysia, we expect a more than 9% increase in sales of our Clearfield® production system each year until 2018.

Value for our customers

Weedy rice can cause considerable harvest losses in rice cultivation. By applying Clearfield®, our customers secure their harvests and can achieve up to three times more yield from their crops.

Our innovation strategy focuses on developing integrated solutions that help farmers secure and increase their yields. We constantly invest in our development pipeline in order to expand our portfolio both in and beyond conventional crop protection. In 2013, we spent €469 million on research and development in the Crop Protection division, representing around 9% of sales for the segment.

Our innovation pipeline continued to increase in value in 2013. For products launched between 2010 and 2020, we now foresee a peak sales potential of €2,100 million – an increase of €400 million compared with the previous year. This higher amount will be supported by successful product launches in all indications. We increased the peak sales potential for our fungicide Xemium® by €200 million to more than €600 million. In addition to Xemium®, other new fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and herbicide-tolerant solutions as well as products from the new Functional Crop Care business unit will also contribute significantly. We predict a more than €100 million increase in the peak sales potential for our herbicide Kixor® and now expect more than €300 million. In the Functional Crop Care business area, we have identified a potential of €100 million beyond that afforded by the acquired businesses from Becker Underwood.

BASF Plant Science: We work together with multiple biotechnology companies, research institutes and universities worldwide. Together with Monsanto, we develop higher-yielding, more stress-tolerant crops. In 2013, Genuity® DroughtGard® hybrid corn, the first product of this collaboration, was commercially launched on the U.S. market. This drought-tolerant corn is based on corn lines optimized through plant breeding combined with the first approved drought tolerance gene transferred using plant biotechnology. Genuity® DroughtGard® hybrid corn thus contributes to sustainable agriculture in the corn-growing areas of the United States where limited water resources often lead to lower yields.