• Fungicides, herbicides, insecticides for the protection of plants against fungal diseases, weeds and harmful insects
  • Function Crop Care, such as biological crop protection, seed solutions
  • Products for pest control
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Products, customers and applications

Indications and sectors



Product examples



Protecting crops from harmful fungal attacks; improving plant health

Boscalid, Metiram, Dimethomorph, Initium®, Metrafenone, F 500®, Xemium®, AgCelence® (umbrella brand)



Prevention of nutrient and water deprivation caused by weeds

Kixor®, Dicamba, Pendimethalin, Imazamox, Topramezone, Clearfield® herbicide tolerance system



Combating insect pests in agriculture

Fipronil, Alpha-Cypermethrin, Chlorfenapyr, Teflubenzuron

Functional Crop Care


Products beyond traditional crop protection for plant health and increased yield potential, such as biological control products, seed treatments, polymers and colorants

Standak® Top, Biostacked®, Flo Rite®, Vault® HP plus Integral®, Subtilex® NG

Pest control


Nonagricultural applications: public health, professional pest control, landscape maintenance

Products for professional pest control:
Termidor® to guard against termite infestation

Products for public health:
Interceptor® mosquito nets to protect against malaria