• Sales decrease significantly despite higher sales volumes
  • Sales development adversely impacted by negative currency and portfolio effects as well as lower prices
  • Considerable earnings decline particularly due to weaker margins for caprolactam and polyamides
Monomers – Sales by region (Location of customer)
Chemicals – Monomers – Sales by region (pie chart)Enlarge image

At €6,385 million, sales to third parties in the Monomers division were €387 million below the level of 2012 (volumes 1%, prices –4%, portfolio –1%, currencies –2%). The sales decline in Europe and Asia in the second half of the year was especially considerable.

In the isocyanates business area, we increased our sales through higher volumes. Sales volumes for MDI exceeded the 2012 levels in all regions, while we were able to raise sales volumes for TDI, primarily in Europe. Sales in the polyamides business area fell as a result of lower prices. The further expansion of caprolactam capacity in China and dampened market growth for fiber polymers both led to price declines and lower margins. Our business with polymers for extrusion applications continued to develop positively despite growing competition. Sales for inorganic basic products were down compared with the previous year. This was largely on account of portfolio effects as well as lower prices for ammonia.

Income from operations before special items was significantly below the level of 2012. This is mostly attributable to weaker margins for caprolactam and polyamides.