• Saving even more resources in production of toluylendiamine
  • Development of new production method for short-chain olefins from natural gas
  • As a binder component for wood-based panels, MDI accelerates production, decreases emissions and protects panels from moisture


Cost-effective solution for small and complex metal parts in the automotive and electronics industries

Value for BASF




Expected annual market growth

from 2013 to 2020

Value for our customers

Up to



in production costs

Value for BASF

Metal injection molding is becoming steadily more important for manufacturers of small and complex metal parts for automotive and electronic applications. With Catamold®, an innovative injection molding material, we have figured out how to significantly improve the cost effectiveness of this procedure. This makes it economically attractive to switch from machining and precision casting to metal injection molding. By 2020, we expect the worldwide market for our Catamold® products to grow by around 9% each year.

Value for our customers

Thanks to Catamold®, the costs associated with producing these metal parts decrease by up to 40% compared with conventional methods – while maintaining comparable stability and dimensional accuracy. Furthermore, Catamold® makes new designs possible and reduces the weight of metal parts. This benefits not only our own customers, but the end users, as well.

Thanks to a newly developed catalyst and to improvements in the production process, we are now able to save significantly more resources in the production of toluylendiamine. Toluylendiamine is an important intermediate for TDI, which is used in an array of polyurethane-based products such as car seats, upholstered furniture and mattresses.

In addition, we are working on a new method for obtaining short-chain olefins from natural gas. Compared with prior synthesis methods based on natural gas, the new process promises higher energy efficiency and therefore lower carbon emissions. Olefins are used as a basic chemical in the production of numerous products such as solvents or surfactants.

We are constantly developing new application possibilities for our products. For example, we successfully introduced MDI in North America as a binder component for wood-based panels. In comparison with conventional binders, MDI accelerates the production process, decreases emissions and protects the panels from moisture. Our experienced team assists customers in the new binder’s introduction and safe handling.