• FWC™ four-way conversion catalyst also removes particulate matter from gasoline engine exhaust
  • MasterPolyheed® concrete admixtures: highly processable concrete with raw materials of mixed quality
  • New Glasurit® primer filler saves a coating layer in automotive refinishing
  • Infinergy® provides adidas Boost™ running shoes with unique cushioning and shock absorption

Copper chabazite zeolites

Important raw materials for diesel catalysts

Value for BASF




Annual increase

in sales volumes for heavy-duty diesel engine vehicle catalysts since 2011

Value for the environment

Elimination of more than


Of harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx)

from diesel engine exhaust

Value for BASF

Stricter vehicle emission regulations mean an increasing demand for modern catalysts. Our innovative copper chabazite zeolites are important raw materials for emission-control catalysts in diesel engines. The development of zeolites has helped us increase our sales volumes for heavy-duty diesel engine vehicle catalysts by 13% each year since 2011.

Value for the environment

Our copper chabazite zeolites enable the elimination of more than 90% of harmful nitrogen oxides from diesel engine exhaust, setting a new industry standard. Specialized zeolites are also being increasingly applied in the production of petrochemicals.

In the Catalysts division, our focus is on the development of solutions and materials which save resources and can fulfill increasingly strict exhaust regulations. With the innovative FWC™ four-way conversion catalyst for gasoline engines, we have developed a single-component technology that removes particulate matter as well as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides from engine exhaust. This helps automobile manufacturers meet stricter emissions regulations, such as Euro 6c. Conventional three-way conversion catalysts require the installation of a separate gasoline particulate filter, which can increase back pressure and takes up more space.

Construction Chemicals aligns its research and development activities with local customers’ needs and construction industry trends. MasterPolyheed® brand concrete admixtures allow for the excellent processability of concrete with varying raw material quality. This makes MasterPolyheed® especially suitable for customers in emerging regions like the Middle East and India. Thanks to our innovative concrete admixture technology based on novel polymers, MasterPolyheed® is particularly reliable in the most diverse conditions.

In the Coatings division, we work on developing innovative coating systems and intelligent solutions in order to contribute to our customers’ success. Body shops that use the new Glasurit® 285-270 Primer Filler Pro, for example, save themselves a layer of coating when refinishing a vehicle. The filler can be applied directly without a prior base coat, taking on the base coat’s role as a corrosion protection layer. Painters and body shops therefore save not only an entire step, but also material and nozzle cleaning after applying the base coat.

Among the innovative products and system solutions the Performance Materials division launched on the market in 2013 is Infinergy®, the world’s first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (ETPU). Infinergy® provides adidas Boost™ running shoes with unique cushioning and shock absorption properties, helping athletes improve their performance. We also develop innovative solutions for the automotive industry, such as Ultracom™. The central component is a fiber material coated with our Ultramid® plastic. With an additional plastic for spraying and a comprehensive service offer from BASF’s application development, Ultracom™ provides the best possible combination of weight savings, cost-effectiveness and performance in components for bodywork and chassis.