• Catalysts: automotive and process catalysts, battery materials, precious metal trading
  • Construction Chemicals: solutions for building structure and envelopes, interior construction and infrastructure
  • Coatings: coatings solutions for automotive and industrial applications, decorative paints
  • Performance Materials: polyurethanes, thermoplastics, foams and epoxy resins
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Products, customers and applications




Customer industries and applications



Automotive and process catalysts

Battery materials

Precious and base metal services

Automotive and chemical industry, refineries, battery manufacturers
Solutions for the protection of air quality as well as the production of fuels, chemicals, plastics and battery materials

Construction Chemicals


Concrete admixtures, cement additives, underground construction solutions, flooring systems, sealants, solutions for the protection and repair of concrete, high-performance mortars and grouts, tile-laying systems, exterior insulation and finishing systems, expansion joints, wood protection solutions

Cement and concrete producers, construction companies, craftsmen, builders’ merchants

Solutions for commercial and residential building construction, maintenance, repair and renovation as well as infrastructure



Coatings solutions for automotive and industrial applications

Decorative paints

Automotive industry, body shops, steel industry, painting businesses and private consumers, wind energy industry

Performance Materials


Polyurethane systems and specialty elastomers, engineering and high-performance plastics, biopolymers and epoxy resins, insulation and specialty foams

Automotive, construction, electrical, household appliances, furniture, packaging, shoe soles and uppers