Financial result and net income

  • Financial result improves considerably compared with previous year
  • Net income increases slightly

The financial result improved to minus €560 million, compared with minus €765 million in the previous year.

The interest result improved by €19 million to minus €528 million on account of lower interest expenses for financial indebtedness. The bonds redeemed in 2012 and 2013 could be refinanced at more favorable conditions.

Income from shareholdings fell by €28 million to €4 million compared with the previous year.

Other financial expenses and income balanced out to minus €36 million compared with minus €250 million in 2012. This was mostly due to positive effects from the market valuation of options for the disposal of our share in the Styrolution joint venture. As a result, special income of €119 million arose in 2013, compared with the special charge of €88 million in 2012. Income before taxes and minority interests therefore included special items of €202 million, compared with €7 million in 2012.

Income before taxes and minority interests increased year-on-year by €736 million to €6,713 million. Return on assets amounted to 11.6%, compared with 11.0% in the previous year.

Income taxes grew by €630 million to €1,540 million. The tax rate increased significantly from 15.2% to 22.9%. The previous year had included tax credits from impairment charges on a Norwegian oilfield development project as well as the reversal of tax provisions. Neither the special income from the disposal of a 15-percent share in the Edvard Grieg development project in Norway nor the earnings from the loss of control of the GASCADE Gastransport GmbH resulted in tax burdens in 2013.

Income before minority interests rose by €106 million to €5,173 million. Minority interests increased from €248 million to €331 million. After a negative earnings contribution in the previous year due to the temporary maintenance shutdown of the steam cracker, there were minority interests in profits at BASF Total Petrochemicals LLC in Port Arthur, Texas, in 2013. However, minority interests in profits were lower primarily at WINGAS GmbH because of falling margins in the natural gas trading business and at BASF Petronas Chemicals Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia, due to margin pressure and unscheduled production outages resulting from delivery problems with its main supplier.

Net income amounted to €4,842 million, slightly above the previous year’s level of €4,819 million. Earnings per share rose from €5.25 to €5.27.