Competition for talent


  • 112,206 employees worldwide
  • Various awards received worldwide for attractiveness as an employer
New hires BASF Group 2013
(as of December 31, 2013)
New hires BASF Group 2013 (bar chart)Enlarge image

In the worldwide competition for the best employees and leaders, we want to recruit qualified talent in order to achieve our ambitious growth targets. For example, we offer various internships both locally and abroad. Targeted online activities, such as recruiting videos and direct communication on social networks, help us expand our contact network.

For its activities in helping new graduates and entry-level employees get started on their careers, BASF was selected by engineering students as one of the 50 most attractive employers in the world in a 2013 study conducted by Universum. We were also recognized in Brazil and Chile as an appealing employer for starting a career, in addition to other categories. BASF once again received China’s Top Employers certificate, recognizing us as one of the leading employers in the country. The award particularly highlighted working conditions and career development for our employees.

In 2013, we educated 50 talented employees in fields such as marketing, research, development, engineering and production with our Grow Graduate program, established in China in 2007. This two-year program offers young people the chance to become familiar with diverse positions in the company after their studies and prepare themselves for their desired careers.

Worldwide, the percentage of employees who left the company voluntarily during their first three years of employment was 1.3% on average. This rate of employee turnover was 0.6% in Europe, 1.5% in North America, 3.6% in Asia Pacific and 1.9% in South America, Africa, Middle East.