Dialog with employee representatives

Open dialog with employee representatives is an important component of our company’s actions. If restructuring leads to staff downsizing, we work with employee representatives to develop socially responsible implementation measures. This is done in accordance with the respective legal regulations and agreements reached.

For cross-border matters, the BASF Europa Betriebsrat (European Works Council) has been responsible for employees in Europe since 2008. We once again met with our German employee representatives in 2013 in the “Wittenberg Dialogs” to discuss the Code of Responsible Conduct for Business, which focuses on strengthening the social market economy and encouraging responsible corporate action.

Global Employee Survey

The Global Employee Survey, including its follow-up process, has been established for the entire BASF Group since the first global survey in 2008. We conducted the second Global Employee Survey in 2012. Employees and leaders have been discussing the results and determining measures for improvement together in all regions since the end of 2012. This relates to, for example, supporting employees in their career development, work-life balance and dealing with change. We conduct this survey on a regular basis.