BASF Online Report: functions at a glance

The online version of the BASF Report provides all the same content as the print version and is supplemented by additional interactive features. Here, you can find out not only what information is available, but also the various ways to use the Online Report as well as its service functions.


The green “Service” box contains several useful features for the BASF Online Report.

Click on the individual features (left) to learn more about each one.

Chart Generator

The Chart Generator allows you to compare important values over the past ten years. First, select your own categories based on the type of figure and the year. You can then choose to have your results shown as a table, line graph or bar chart. Your selection can be saved and printed either as an image or Excel file.

To the Chart Generator

Download Manager

With the Download Manager, you can create and download your own PDFs out of selected chapters. In addition to PDFs, the Download Manager also lets you merge Excel tables and graphics into a single ZIP file.

To the Download Manager

Collect Files

The “Collect Files” function allows you to select the contents of a page as a PDF or XLS file for later use with the Download Manager.

Chart Gallery

The Chart Gallery makes all graphical information in the report available both for viewing and for download. The images are displayed in the order they appear in the report. A link connects each image to its corresponding chapter.

To the Chart Gallery


You can let us know how you like the Online Report using our feedback form.

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Page functions

Page-specific service features are available in the gray “Page Functions” box.

Click on the individual features (left) to learn more about each one.

Tell a friend

Click here to send the URL for this page via email.

Compare to last year

Click here to open the content of this page from last year’s Online Report in a new window for easy year-on-year comparison.

Print Manager

The Print Manager enables you to mark individual chapters while reading and then print them all out at once.

Print page

Click here to print the current page. You can choose to print the content either with the images or without them to save toner.

Add to Print Manager

This function marks your selected chapters for printing later.