BASF share performance

Change in value of an investment in BASF shares 2013
(with dividends reinvested, indexed)
Change in value of an investment in BASF shares 2013 (line chart)Enlarge image
Long-term performance of BASF shares compared with indexes (average annual performance with dividends reinvested)
Long-term performance of BASF shares compared with indices (bar chart)Enlarge image

After a positive start to the year, stock market sentiment repeatedly turned negative in the first half of 2013. Contributing to this was regional political tension, along with speculation on the possible end of the United States’ expansive fiscal policy. The second half of the year was initially unsteady, as well, as the U.S. budget conflict and the governmental crisis in Italy put a strain on stock market development. Yet the mood improved over the course of October, and several important indexes – such as the Dow Jones and DAX 30 – reached new record highs. The upward trend was boosted by indications of the U.S. Federal Reserve’s continuing loose fiscal policy as well as by the European Central Bank’s unexpected reduction of interest rates.

The BASF share reached an all-time high of €78.97 on December 2, 2013. BASF shares traded at €77.49 at the end of 2013, 8.9% above the previous year’s closing price. Assuming that dividends were reinvested, BASF shares gained 12.9% in value in 2013. This did not match the very good performance of the German and European stock markets, whose benchmark indexes DAX 30 and DJ EURO STOXX 50 respectively gained 25.5% and 21.6% over the same period. In 2013, the global industry indexes DJ Chemicals and MSCI World Chemicals rose by 18.2% and 20.5%, respectively.

Over a five and ten-year period, the long-term performance of BASF shares still clearly surpasses these indexes. The assets of an investor who invested €1,000 in BASF shares at the end of 2003 and reinvested the dividends in additional BASF shares would have increased to €5,090 by the end of 2013. This average annual return of 17.7% places BASF shares above the returns for the DAX 30 (9.2%), EURO STOXX 50 (4.3%) and MSCI World Chemicals (10.3%) indexes.

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Percentage of BASF shares in important indexes as of December 31, 2013

DAX 30


DJ Chemicals


MSCI World Index


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