The Board of Executive Directors of BASF SE

  • Dr. Kurt Bock Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors

    “We create growth by developing new solutions for the challenges of the future. We are already conducting research today on the electromobility of tomorrow and working on high-performance battery materials.”
  • Dr. Martin Brudermüller Vice Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors

    “Progress involves engaging in thought experiments and coming up with new product ideas: We’ve designed a modern-day velocipede made almost entirely out of plastic instead of metal.”
  • Dr. Hans-Ulrich Engel Chief Financial Officer

    “We are continuously improving our mobile emissions catalysts, and offer our customers innovative technologies to reduce harmful emissions.”
  • board-member_michael-heinz.

    Michael Heinz

    “We are continually developing higher-performance superabsorbents that, for example, enable the production of increasingly thinner baby diapers – thus saving energy and other resources.”
  • Dr. Andreas Kreimeyer Research Executive Director

    “Our crop protection solutions help farmers optimize their production, ensuring enough food for a growing world population.”
  • Dr. Harald Schwager

    “We advocate long-term supply security, and place great value on the safe, efficient and environmentally friendly production of oil and gas.”
  • Wayne T. Smith

    “We enhance conventional processes and make it possible to manufacture sophisticated metal and ceramic parts with injection molding.”
  • Margret Suckale

    “In our Know-How Verbund, we pool expertise from various fields. Scientists and engineers work hand-in-hand to improve our production plants and methods.”