Performance Chemicals

  • Sales grow by €47 million to €3,329 million due to increased sales volumes
  • Earnings rise considerably, especially through sales volumes growth and reduced fixed costs

In the Performance Chemicals division, sales to third parties rose year-on-year by €47 million to €3,329 million. This was predominantly a result of higher sales volumes (volumes 4%, prices −1%, portfolio −1%, currencies −1%), which we were able to increase in all business areas. Plastic additives contributed particularly to positive development in Europe. In Asia, sales volumes rose especially for fuel and lubricant additives; in North America, we primarily raised volumes in the business area for water treatment, oilfield and mining solutions. Sales volumes in South America remained overall at prior-year levels.

Income from operations before special items considerably surpassed the level of 2013. This was partly attributable to significantly higher volumes as well as fixed cost reduction measures, especially in our plastic additives business. Considerably improved earnings in fuel and lubricant additives furthermore contributed to the earnings increase.

Special income arose from the sale of our PolyAd Services business. Special charges came in part from measures to restructure our businesses with plastic additives.

Performance Chemicals – Sales by region (Location of customer)
Performance Products – Performance Chemicals – Sales by region (pie chart)