Social commitment

We take on social responsibility: We are involved in diverse projects worldwide, especially in the communities where our sites are located. Our main focus is on access to education. In this way, we promote innovative capacity and future viability.

€45.4 million

spent by BASF Group on donations, sponsorship and own projects


participants in Kids’ Labs and Teens’ Labs worldwide


collected in 2014 year-end donation campaign


In 2014, the BASF Group spent a total of €45.4 million supporting projects (2013: €49.2 million). Of this amount, we donated 32% (2013: 27%). We support initiatives that reach out to as many people as possible and have a long-lasting impact, fostering education, science, social projects, sports and cultural events in the communities around our sites. On a regional level, we work together with universities, schools and nonprofit organizations. We support BASF Stiftung, a charitable foundation, in its international projects with various U.N. and nongovernmental organizations.

BASF Group donations, sponsorship and own projects in 2014 (in million €)
BASF Group donations, sponsorship and own projects in 2013 (pie chart)

Focus on education

  • Kids’ Labs win awards in several countries
  • Two more projects added to education program Offensive Bildung
  • Wissensfabrik (Knowledge Factory) presses ahead with its startup initiative

In 2014, 86,889 children and young people visited our Kids’ Labs and Teens’ Labs in 30 countries. Our labs were awarded special recognition in several countries, including Hungary, South Africa and the United States.

With the education initiative Offensive Bildung, BASF and its partners are involved in early-childhood education. We expanded the initiative with two more projects in 2014: The Eine Kita für alle – Vielfalt inklusive (“Childcare for Everyone – Diversity Included”) pilot project accompanies ten daycare centers in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region on their way toward inclusive daycare. In the Mit Neugier und Pipette (“Curiosity Plus Pipette”) project, children from five childcare centers research chemical and physical phenomena together with 20 BASF apprentices.

As a founding member of the Wissensfabrik (Knowledge Factory), BASF is part of a nationwide network of more than 120 companies and foundations making a contribution to education and entrepreneurship in Germany. Here, BASF maintains over 200 educational partnerships with schools and kindergartens and provides mentors for young companies. This also included advancing “Weconomy” in 2014, the Wissensfabrik’s Germany-wide entrepreneurship initiative that promotes exchange between established companies and startups.

BASF Stiftung projects

  • BASF Stiftung supports UNICEF after flooding in Balkans
  • Proceeds from year-end donation campaign go to education program in Kenya

BASF Stiftung provided the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) with €200,000 for emergency relief after flooding in the Balkans in the spring of 2014. The donation was used for reconstruction and psychosocial support for children in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. In addition, BASF SE donated €200,000 to BASF Stiftung toward emergency aid for relief efforts in overcoming the Ebola crisis in West Africa. BASF Stiftung thus provides equal support to UNICEF’s disaster relief and to the United Nation’s World Food Programme (WFP).

WFP and BASF Stiftung concluded a partnership agreement in 2014. BASF Stiftung also supports a WFP program in Nicaragua, which establishes school gardens to improve nutrition for local children.

The company and its employees gave €339,000 to BASF Stiftung in the 2014 year-end donation campaign. BASF Stiftung will use this sum to support a Save the Children education program in Kenya. The program aims to improve education quality, ensure access to education, and firmly implant the importance of education in the population.