GRI and Global Compact Index

In the BASF Report 2014, our sustainability reporting follows the GRI’s G4 “comprehensive” international guidelines for the first time. The information provided in the BASF Report 2014 also serves as a progress report on the implementation of the United Nations Global Compact’s ten principles, while taking Global Compact LEAD’s Blueprint for Corporate Sustainability Leadership into consideration.

The GRI and Global Compact Index lists information on GRI indicators and topics relevant for the Global Compact principles. The index also contains KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft's assurance with respect to management approaches as well as general and specific standard disclosures.

The index also provides references to both our print and online reports. If no information is shown for a GRI indicator, we offer an explanation. In order to further improve clarity, the GRI indicators in the BASF Online Report are shown directly on the corresponding pages.

General standard disclosures

The general standard disclosures offer a general strategic overview of the organization’s sustainability. They are divided up into seven parts: strategy and analysis, organizational profile, identified material aspects and boundaries, stakeholder engagement, report profile, governance, and ethics and integrity.

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Specific standard disclosures

The guidelines organize specific standard disclosures into three categories: economic, environmental and social. Within the specific standard disclosures, each indicator is allocated to the material topics.

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