Net Assets

Total assets increased by €5,405 million compared with the 2019 year-end to €92,355 million.

Noncurrent assets rose by €387 million to €56,347 million. The increase is primarily attributable to additions in connection with the acquisition of the polyamide business from Solvay. The transaction increased intangible assets by €836 million and property, plant and equipment by €434 million based on preliminary purchase price allocation. Offsetting effects came from the decline in deferred taxes due to lower pension provision, as well as the decrease in financial assets, mainly due to the negative income from companies accounted for using the equity method.

Current assets rose by €5,018 million to €36,008 million. This was largely attributable to the €2,297 million increase in trade accounts receivable, mainly from seasonal effects in the Agricultural Solutions segment. Other receivables and miscellaneous assets were €1,266 million above the figure as of December 31, 2019, primarily as a result of higher precious metal trading items and higher fair values of derivatives. Cash and cash equivalents rose by €1,402 million. Lower marketable securities had a slight offsetting effect. Inventories remained on a level with the 2019 year-end. Assets of disposal groups increased by €144 million to €4,157 million.