In 2020, we launched our Agricultural Solutions sustainability commitments. We focus on four areas to help farmers to find the right balance: climate-smart farming, sustainable solutions, digital farming and smart stewardship.

Climate-smart farming: We help farmers tackle pressing climate challenges with the right combination of technologies designed to increase yield, make farm management easier and more effective, and reduce the impact on the environment. Our technologies include nitrogen management products to improve fertilizer efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions, no-till herbicides, seeds and traits for more stress-resilient crops, natural biological inoculants as well as digital solutions.

Sustainable solutions: We systematically steer our innovation pipeline according to sustainability criteria from an early stage. This enables us to continually develop innovations that offer added value for farmers, the environment and society. We also assess each product in our existing portfolio with respect to its contribution to sustainability. In this way, we systematically steer our portfolio to every year increase the share of sales from solutions that make a substantial sustainability contribution.

Digital farming: Digitalization has the power to transform agriculture and make it more efficient, inclusive and sustainable. Our digital solutions help farmers to produce more with less by growing their business profitably while reducing their environmental footprint.

Smart stewardship: Our stewardship tools and services are tailored to farmers’ daily work. Farmers get the support they need to use our products safely: access to tools and services, protective equipment, customized training, digital solutions and new and future-oriented application technologies such as drones.