2.2 – Joint operations

Proportionally consolidated joint operations particularly comprise:

  • Ellba C.V., Rotterdam, Netherlands, which is operated jointly with Shell and produces propylene oxide and styrene monomer
  • AO Achimgaz, Novy Urengoy, Russia, which is jointly operated with Gazprom for the production of natural gas and condensate
  • BASF DOW HPPO Production B.V.B.A., Antwerp, Belgium, which is operated jointly with The Dow Chemical Company to produce propylene oxide

BASF holds a 50% share in each of these companies and controls them jointly with the respective partner. The companies sell their products directly to the partners. The partners ensure the ongoing financing of the companies by purchasing the production. They were therefore classified as joint operations in accordance with IFRS 11.

A majority of the activities in the Oil & Gas segment’s Exploration & Production business sector take place through joint activities, which are not incorporated in separate companies. This primarily relates to activities in Germany, Norway and Argentina. These are generally accounted for as joint operations in accordance with IFRS 11 and contribute the largest part of the sales, depreciation and amortization, and fixed assets in the Oil & Gas segment.