Competition for talent

  • Positioning as an attractive employer
  • Focus on social media and online marketing

Our aim is to position BASF as an attractive employer and recruit qualified talent in the global competition for the best skilled employees and leaders. To this end, we are constantly working on measures to increase BASF’s appeal in the global labor markets and to help create a compelling total offer package for employees. We are increasingly using digital platforms such as our country-specific career websites as well as global and regional social networks to reach potential candidates. This enables us to address specific target groups. For instance, we increased awareness of BASF among digital specialists in particular with a global campaign on various social media. In Brazil, we used Snapchat – a special instant messenger to send images and other media – for the first time in 2017 to directly address candidates for the trainee program and give them a better understanding of the company. In Germany, we held the first BASF hackathon. Around 50 university students solved a specific problem from our divisions within 24 hours and presented their solutions to a panel of BASF experts. In North America, the Diverse Leaders program was initiated to attract talented leadership candidates with an MBA from different backgrounds. We once again achieved high scores in a number of employer rankings in 2017. For example, in a study conducted by Universum, BASF was again selected by engineering and IT students as one of the 50 most attractive employers in the world. In North America, BASF was rated one of the top 50 employers on the employer rating website In Asia, Top Employer recognized BASF China as one of the best employers for the seventh time in succession.

BASF Group new hires in 2017



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The BASF Group hired 8,916 new employees in 2017. The average percentage of employees who resigned during their first three years of employment was 1.3% worldwide in 2017. This turnover rate was 0.7% in Europe, 1.9% in North America, 3.0% in Asia Pacific and 2.1% in South America, Africa, Middle East. Our early turnover rate is therefore at a desirable low level.