Balancing personal and professional life

  • Wide range of offerings for different phases of life

Our identity as an employer includes our belief in supporting our employees worldwide in balancing their personal and professional lives. We lay the foundation with a wide range of offerings to help our employees meet their individual needs and overcome challenges in different phases of life. We want to strengthen their identification with the company and bolster our position as an attractive employer in the competition for qualified personnel. Our offering includes flexible working hours, part-time employment and mobile working. Regional initiatives specifically address the needs of our employees at a local level. In the United States, a new family-friendly leave program was introduced in 2017 that enables employees to concentrate solely or primarily on their families for a certain period of time in important life-changing situations. Our Work-Life Management employee center in Ludwigshafen (LuMit) offers a number of services under one roof: childcare, fitness and health, social counseling and coaching as well as other programs to help employees balance professional and personal life. We also provide social counseling at the Münster and Schwarzheide sites in Germany as well as in Asia, South Africa and North America to help employees overcome difficult life situations and maintain their employability.