Balancing Personal and Professional Life

  • Wide range of offerings for different phases of life

Our identity as an employer includes our belief in supporting our employees in balancing their personal and professional lives. We want to strengthen their identification with the company and our position in the global competition for qualified personnel. To achieve this, we have a wide range of offerings aimed at employees in different phases of life that accommodate the growing demand for flexibility in when and where they work. BASF helps employees to adapt working hours and location to their personal circumstances with a wide range of options, including flexible working hours, part-time employment and mobile working.

Regional initiatives specifically address the needs of our employees at a local level. For example, we are expanding the number of flexible co-working spaces in the Rhine-Neckar region in Germany. Our Work-Life Management employee center in Ludwigshafen (LuMit) offers a number of services under one roof: childcare, fitness and health, social counseling and coaching. We provide employee assistance programs at sites in Germany and around the world to help employees overcome difficult life situations and restore and maintain their employability.