Employee Engagement

  • Global employee survey conducted in 2019
  • Engagement index of 79%

BASF can rely on the engagement of its employees. Employee engagement is shown by, for example, a passion for the job, a dedication to top performance and a commitment to BASF. Global employee surveys and pulse checks are an established feedback tool in the BASF Group, and are used to actively involve employees in shaping their working environment. The results are communicated to employees, the Board of Executive Directors and the Supervisory Board. We have performed regular global employee surveys since 2008. We aim to keep the employee engagement determined by these surveys at a high level and increase it even further as far as possible. As part of the BASF strategy, we therefore set ourselves the following goal in 2018: More than 80% of our employees feel that at BASF, they can thrive and perform at their best. We regularly calculate employee engagement level as an index score based on five questions on set topics in our employee surveys. Overall, more than 71,000 employees participated in this year’s survey, representing 66% of survey recipients.1

Our 2019 employee survey showed an engagement index of 79%. Despite significant challenges associated with restructuring measures, this score is already close to the target we set ourselves. We continue to aim to increase this score to over 80%.

We support our leaders with a range of follow-up measures to decentrally address the individual action areas and in this way, help further strengthen employee engagement together with their employees.

1 Scope of employees surveyed goes beyond the scope of consolidation presented under Data. However, there are exceptions for companies that represent joint ventures and joint operations, as well as companies held for sale.