Employee Engagement

  • Next employee survey to be conducted in 2019

BASF can rely on the engagement of its employees. Employee engagement is shown by, for example, a passion for the job, a dedication to top performance and a commitment to BASF. Previous global employee surveys have shown that employee engagement is already high, and we aim to keep it this way and increase it even further where possible. As part of our updated corporate strategy, we have therefore set ourselves the following goal for the coming years from 2019 onward: More than 80% of our employees feel that at BASF, they can thrive and perform at their best. Our employee engagement level will be regularly calculated as an index score based on set questions in employee surveys. We identify improvement areas based on survey results to further strengthen the engagement of our employees.

Global employee surveys and pulse checks are and will remain an established feedback tool in the BASF Group, and are used to actively involve employees in shaping their working environment. The results are communicated to employees, the Board of Executive Directors and the Supervisory Board. We have performed regular global employee surveys since 2008. As part of the updated corporate strategy, we conducted a global “pulse check” in 2018. We surveyed around 24,000 randomly chosen employees worldwide on topics such as customer focus, innovation, digitalization, sustainability and safety awareness. The results of this survey were taken into account in the strategy development process. We will conduct the next employee survey in 2019 based on an updated concept.