Insights 2018

Two BASF employees with helmets walk up steps along a huge silo (Photo)

Corporate Strategy

Our aspiration is to be the world’s leading chemical company for our clients. With our updated corporate strategy, we want to grow profitably and sustainably.


We create chemistry for a sustainable future

Corporate purpose


New targets

With our new targets, that will apply from 2019 onward, we want to steer our business into a sustainable future


Our strategic action areas

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Chemical recycling

Recycling (graphic)

Recycling is becoming increasingly important due to the growing awareness of sustainability in the markets and regulatory developments. In 2018, BASF launched a project to manufacture products from chemically recycled plastic waste on an industrial scale.

31.6 million MWh

Energy saved by the Verbund and combined heat and power generation


Portfolio management: increase Accelerator sales and phase out Challenged products

Sustainable Solution Steering

Innovative materials produced by 3D printers (Photo)

3D printing

BASF is developing new, innovative materials for 3D printing. In the chemical industry, BASF already has a broad portfolio with materials, system solutions, components and services.

Verbund site in Ludwigshafen, Germany by day (Photo)

Carbon management

Since 2018, we have bundled global activities to reach our new climate goal and a long-term research and development program under the banner of carbon management.

350 plants

By 2022, we will introduce digital solutions and applications at more than 350 of our plants.

5 people in a semicircle looking at something on an iPad (Photo)

Leaders and digital transformation

Leaders play a special role in driving forward digitalization. We offer training and other resources to prepare them and help them inspire their teams about the digital transformation.



BASF created the Auroom® online platform to visualize automotive paints virtually. The colors available in the database can be mapped onto any 3D surface online, showing the characteristics and effects of the automotive coating in photographic quality.