Segment Profile


Dispersions & Pigments

Raw materials used to formulate products in the coating, construction, paper, adhesives, printing and packaging, plastics and electronic industries

Care Chemicals

Ingredients for the cosmetics, detergent and cleaner industries, agrochemical and technical applications and the hygiene industry

Nutrition & Health

Products for the food and feed industries, the flavor and fragrance industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the ethanol industry

Performance Chemicals

Customized products for many sectors, from mining and the fuel industry to plastics processing


Performance Products – Sales (graphic)
Factors influencing sales
Performance Products – Factors influencing sales (bar chart)
Income from operations before special items

Million €

Performance Products – Income from operations before special items (bar chart)


  • Tailor-made products and solutions improve our customers’ applications and processes
  • Global presence ensures reliable supply to customers in all regions

We take on the challenges posed by important future issues, especially population growth: scarce resources, environmental and climatic stressors, greater demand for food and the desire for better quality of life. In doing so, we focus on research and development and maintain close relationships to leading companies in our customer industries. We position ourselves globally in order to reliably supply customers in all regions. We invest in the development of innovations that enable our products and processes – as well as our customers’ applications and processes – to make a contribution to sustainability: for example, by allowing resources to be used more efficiently.

Our products create additional value for our customers, providing a competitive advantage. We develop new solutions together with our customers and strive for long-term partnerships that create profitable growth opportunities for both sides.

A different business model is pursued for standard products such as vitamins or dispersions for paper coatings. Here, efficient production setups, backward integration in our Production Verbund’s value chains, capacity management, and technology and cost leadership are all essential.

We support our customers by serving as a reliable supplier with consistently high product quality, good value for money and lean processes. Our in-depth knowledge of the areas of application and technological innovations strengthen our customer relationships in key industries.

We plan to increase global production capacities for the antioxi- dant Irganox® 1010 by 40% at our sites in Jurong, Singapore, and Kaisten, Switzerland. Once the projects are complete – in 2019 in Kaisten and early 2021 in Jurong – BASF wants to even better meet the growing demand from customers in Asia and Europe, the Middle East and Africa at its regional distribution centers. We are expanding our existing ibuprofen production capacities in Bishop, Texas, and started construction of a new world-scale ibuprofen plant in Ludwigshafen, Germany, which is scheduled for startup in 2022. To reliably meet the growing demand for high quality dispersions solutions in the ASEAN countries, Australia and New Zealand, we plan to double the production capacity for acrylics dispersions in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia. The additional capacities are planned to be operational in 2020.

On May 3, 2018, BASF and Solenis announced that they had signed an agreement on the combination of BASF’s paper and water chemicals business with Solenis. BASF and Solenis closed the transaction on January 31, 2019.