BASF Share Performance

  • BASF share declines 34.2% in 2018
  • Long-term performance continues to clearly exceed benchmark indexes

The BASF share closed the 2018 stock market year with a closing price of €60.40, a decrease of 34.2% compared with the previous year’s closing price. The considerable year-on-year decline in the BASF Group’s earnings was primarily attributable to considerably lower earnings in the Chemicals segment, mainly as a result of lower margins for isocyanates and steam cracker products. The segment’s earnings were also negatively impacted by the low water levels on the Rhine River in the second half of 2018. In addition, geopolitical tensions and trade conflicts, especially between the United States and China, led to a slowdown in economic growth over the course of the year particularly in Asia, and there mainly in China. The ensuing downturn in demand from significant customer industries, in particular the automotive industry, further weighed on BASF’s share performance.

Assuming that dividends were reinvested, BASF’s share performance declined by 31.8% in 2018. The benchmark indexes of the German and European stock markets – the DAX 30 and the EURO STOXX 50 – lost 18.3% and 12.0% over the same period, respectively. The global industry index MSCI World Chemicals fell by 14.4%.

Change in value of an investment in BASF shares in 2018

With dividends reinvested; indexed

Change in value of an investment in BASF shares in 2018 (line chart)

Viewed over a 10-year period, the long-term performance of BASF shares still clearly surpasses the German, European and global benchmark indexes. The assets of an investor who invested €1,000 in BASF shares at the end of 2008 and reinvested the dividends in additional BASF shares would have increased to €3,201 by the end of 2018. This represents an annual yield of 12.3%, placing BASF shares above the returns for the DAX 30 (8.2%), EURO STOXX 50 (5.2%) and MSCI World Chemicals (11.4%) indexes.

Long-term performance of BASF shares compared with indexes

Average annual increase with dividends reinvested

Long-term performance of BASF shares compared with indexes (bar chart)

Weighting of BASF shares in important indexes as of December 31, 2018

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