BASF Report 2023

Material Topics in Focus

Material topics in the areas of the environmental, social and governance (ESG) along our value chain form the focal points of our reporting and define the limits of this report. In identifying, prioritizing and validating topics, we are guided by the principle of double materiality, taking into consideration financial materiality and impact materiality. The identified topics are explained in this report in the “Material Topics in Focus” sections.

In 2023, we updated our materiality analysis that already addressed the double materiality required by regulations from 2024 onward. This identified sustainability topics on which we have potentially positive or negative impacts through our business activities along the value chain, and that have or could have positive or negative impacts on the company’s performance.

The following adjustments were made to the 2022 analysis as part of the update: “Occupational health and safety” has been expanded to include the topic “process safety,” while “plastic waste” was integrated into the overarching topic of “circular economy and resource efficiency.” Based on this update, a total of 11 topics were identified as material. As a result, we will address material topics in focus chapters in this report. The graphic below shows how these topics impact the stages of the value chain.

Value chain
A value chain describes the successive steps in a production process: from raw materials through various intermediate steps, such as transportation and production, to the finished product.

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