BASF Report 2023

Segment Profile

The Nutrition & Care segment, consisting of the Care Chemicals and Nutrition & Health divisions, serves the growing needs of food and feed producers as well as the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, detergents and cleaners industries as well as the increasingly sophisticated demands of fast-moving consumer goods. We also offer solutions for technical applications, for example. We strive to expand our position as a leading provider of ingredients for consumer goods in the areas of nutrition, home and personal care through organic growth. We focus on growth markets, with a special focus on more sustainable products and digital business models in consumer markets.

Two new active ingredients from one process

Probiolift™ and Postbiolift™ are two new biotic ingredients from BASF’s personal care business area that support healthy skin aging. Unlike other biotics existing on the cosmetic market, the newly developed ingredients are the first to use a bacterium that is found naturally in the skin: Lactobacillus crispatus. One gram of Probiolift™ contains over 1 million useful bacteria. The result is a product that improves skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. BASF uses an energy-efficient and more sustainable fermentation process and produces both active ingredients using an innovative process without waste.


€6,858 million

2022: €8,066 million

Segment cash flow

€503 million

2022: -€99 million

EBIT before special items

€107 million

2022: €618 million

EBITDA before special items

€565 million

2022: €1,067 million

Divisions, products, applications



Customer industries and applications

Care Chemicals

Ingredients for skin and hair cleansing and care products, such as emollients, cosmetic active ingredients, polymers and UV filters

Solutions and ingredients for detergents and cleaners for household, institutional or industry use, such as surfactants, enzymes, chelating agents, water-soluble polymers, biocides and products for optical effects

Chemical ingredients and processing additives, for example, for crop protection, excipients for chemical processes such as emulsion polymerization, metal surface treatment and textile processing, as well as products for concrete additives, biofuels and other industrial applications

Cosmetics, detergent and cleaner industry, agrochemical industry, technical applications for various industries

Nutrition & Health

Additives for the food and feed industries, such as vitamins, carotenoids, sterols, enzymes, emulsifiers, omega–3 fatty acids

Industrial enzymes for bioethanol and food production, natural and synthetic flavors and fragrances, such as citral, geraniol, citronellol, L-menthol and linalool, Isobionics® Santalol, valencene and nootkatone

Excipients for the pharmaceutical industry and selected, high-volume active pharmaceutical ingredients, such as ibuprofen and omega–3 fatty acids

Food and feed industries, flavor and fragrance industry, pharmaceutical industry and bioethanol industry

Production capacities of selected products in the regionsa



North America

Asia Pacific

South America, Africa, Middle East

Annual capacity (metric tons)

Anionic surfactants






Chelating agents



Methane sulfonic acid





Nonionic surfactants




All capacities are included at 100%, including plants belonging to joint operations and joint ventures.

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