BASF Report 2023

Segment Profile

The Industrial Solutions segment consists of the Dispersions & Resins and the Performance Chemicals divisions. It develops and markets ingredients and additives for industrial applications, such as polymer dispersions, resins, additives, electronic materials and antioxidants. We aim to grow organically in key industries such as automotive, plastics, paints and coatings, electronics, and energy and resources, and expand our position by leveraging our comprehensive industry expertise and application know-how.

A new material for electric mobility

With its new Licity® anode binder product range for lithium-ion battery manufacture, BASF is paving the way for electric mobility. Licity® anode binders are materials that improve battery performance, enabling a higher capacity, an increased number of charge and discharge cycles and reduced charging times. This is a new binder technology that pushes the capabilities of lithium-ion batteries, thus supporting the wider adoption of electric vehicles. BASF aims to achieve net sales of more than €30 million in 2027 with this product.


€8,010 million

2022: €9,992 million

Segment cash flow

€1,292 million

2022: €852 million

EBIT before special items

€625 million

2022: €1,091 million

EBITDA before special items

€965 million

2022: €1,437 million

Divisions, products, applications



Customer industries and applications

Dispersions & Resins

Polymer dispersions, resins, additives, electronic materials

Paints and coatings, construction, paper, printing and packaging, adhesives and electronics industries

Performance Chemicals

Antioxidants, light stabilizers and flame retardants for plastic applications Fuel additives, polyisobutene, brake fluids and engine coolants, lubricant additives and basestocks, components for metalworking fluids and compounded lubricants

Process chemicals for the extraction of oil, gas, metals and minerals; chemicals for enhanced oil recovery

Chemicals, plastics, consumer goods, automotive and transportation industries as well as energy and resources

Production capacities of selected products in the regionsa



North America

Asia Pacific

South America, Africa, Middle East

Annual capacity (metric tons)

Acrylics dispersions


Formulation additives








All capacities are included at 100%, including plants belonging to joint operations and joint ventures.

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