BASF Report 2023

Corporate Governance Report

Corporate governance refers to the entire system for managing and supervising a company. This includes its organization, values, corporate principles and guidelines as well as internal and external control and monitoring mechanisms. Effective and transparent corporate governance ensures that BASF is managed and supervised responsibly with a focus on value creation and sustainability. It fosters the confidence of our investors, the financial markets, our customers and other business partners, employees, other groups affiliated with our company (stakeholders) as well as the public in BASF.

The fundamental elements of BASF SE’s corporate governance system are: its two-tier management system, with a transparent and effective separation of company management and supervision between BASF’s Board of Executive Directors and the Supervisory Board; the equal representation of shareholders and employee representatives on the Supervisory Board; and the shareholders’ rights of coadministration and supervision at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting.

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