BASF Report 2023

Learning and Development

Learning and development are essential success factors for a strong and future-oriented company culture. The skills and competencies of our employees are critical for profitable growth and lasting success. For this reason, we want to further modernize our learning culture and step up our efforts to promote continuous, self-directed learning and learning from others. Employee development at BASF is underpinned by the principle that development opportunities and support are open to all employees.

We understand development as continuous learning by building individual experience and skills, further training or changing jobs. A trust-based relationship between employees and leaders as well as regular feedback through continuous meaningful conversations are crucial to employee development. These regular conversations can be initiated by both leaders or employees and take different forms – leaders and employees can agree on this in the annual employee dialog.

Employees also define their individual learning objectives together with their leader as part of the continuous conversations. These are to be adapted to the specific requirements of the position concerned and future needs. Learning can take place in various formats and at different locations – at work, as social or formal training – depending on individual and workplace demands.

Our learning opportunities are available for a variety of employee development needs: starting a career, expanding knowledge, personal growth and leadership development. In 2023, we focused some offers on strengthening resilience (see below). In addition, the many academies in the divisions and service units offer training on specific professional content. Since 2023, we have been offering Campus Events for newcomers in all regions to welcome them to BASF, share general information such as our strategy and give them the opportunity to network with each other.

To achieve our ambitious digitalization goals, we are focusing on digital skills development of our leaders and employees, as well as on agile transformation. One example of this is our training course on the current development of generative AI applications. We offer content on this topic for various target groups in the form of self-led learning paths, training courses and individual or group coaching. In this way, we want to enable BASF employees to gain an understanding of data, data analysis and AI. After all, in order to exploit the full potential of AI solutions, it is essential to combine new technologies with the experience and expertise of employees. Employees can gain practical experience using the chatBASF AI assistant.

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Resilience helps in difficult times

Resilient teams and companies with a resilient culture are better able to overcome challenges and recover from them more quickly. Resilient people can deal with difficulties more easily and use them as an opportunity for growth. For this reason, and in a challenging and increasingly rapidly changing environment, we focused on promoting resilience in the learning opportunities for leaders and in various opportunities for employees in 2023. Under the motto “Care and Coach for Performance,” we offered our senior executives various training modules and learning opportunities in virtual formats. These also included training on how leaders can apply a coaching-oriented leadership style and make better use of their emotional intelligence. As role models and coaches, leaders can better promote the strengths of their team members and support them in their development.

In addition, we have provided leaders and employees with a wide range of resources and independent learning opportunities to inform themselves and develop their own skills. These included in particular strategies and rituals for self-care and caring for employees. It is important to us to enable teams to perform at their best, even in challenging situations, without neglecting their own health. This training portfolio was supplemented by tailored initiatives from our Corporate Health Management, as well as by regional and local offerings. In North America, we offer digital solutions that enable affected employees to take advantage of offers to improve their mental health, regardless of their location or working hours. Over the past five years, BASF has built up a network of employees in the United Kingdom and Ireland who act as first aiders for mental health issues (Mental Health First Aiders). They complement Corporate Health Management and can provide confidential advice and professional support to those who need it. 

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