BASF Report 2023

23. Risks from Litigation and Claims

Since August 2019, BASF Corporation has been served in various U.S. federal and state lawsuits alleging property and resource damages and personal injuries from possible exposure to per- and polyflouroalkyl substances (PFAS). In December 2018, a multi-district litigation was created to coordinate claims brought against manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) in particular, which plaintiffs allege contains toxic levels of certain PFAS compounds including perfluorooctanoic acid and perfluorooctane sulfonate. Plaintiffs typically allege that exposure to AFFF has caused loss of use and enjoyment of property, diminished property value, remediation costs, and personal injuries including various types of cancers. The complaints name BASF as a defendant in connection with its 2009 acquisition of Ciba Specialty Chemicals Inc. and the legacy Ciba / BASF Lodyne fluorochemical product lines. BASF is a defendant in over 4,200 lawsuits as of January 2024 and is defending against these claims.

At this time, BASF cannot predict the outcome of resolving these matters or what potential actions may be taken by regulatory agencies. An adverse outcome could be material to BASF’s financial results.

Furthermore, BASF SE and its affiliated companies are defendants in or parties to a variety of legal or regulatory proceedings on a recurring basis. To our current knowledge, none of these proceedings will have a material effect on the economic situation of BASF.

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