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Protecting crops from harmful fungal infections; improving plant health

Boscalid, metiram, dimethomorph, Initium®, metrafenone, F 500®, Xemium®, AgCelence® (umbrella brand)



Reducing competition from weeds for water and nutrients

Kixor®, dicamba, pendimethalin, imazamox, topramezone, Clearfield® herbicide tolerance system, dimethenamid-P



Combating insect pests in agriculture and beyond, such as in the fields of public health, professional pest control and landscape maintenance

Fipronil, alpha-cypermethrin, chlorfenapyr, teflubenzuron, Nealta®, Termidor® to guard against termite infestation, Interceptor® mosquito nets to protect against malaria

Functional Crop Care


Products for plant health and increased yield potential that go beyond traditional crop protection, such as biological crop protection, seed treatments, polymers and colorants

Standak® Top, Biostacked®, Flo Rite®, Vault® HP plus Integral®, Subtilex® NG, Limus®


In 2015, we invested €334 million in property, plant and equipment. A major portion of this total consisted of investments to expand production capacities for the dicamba and Kixor® herbicides, as well as the fungicide Xemium®. Furthermore, we continue to invest in the expansion of our capacities in Functional Crop Care. Examples include our new research and development center for seed solutions in Limburgerhof, Germany, and the ramped up production facility in Littlehampton, England, that strengthens our portfolio of biological solutions for agriculture and gardening. In order to continue meeting ongoing high demand for our innovative products in the future, we will invest around €810 million in developing and expanding our production and formulation capacities for active ingredients between 2016 and 2020.