Managing demographic changes

  • “Leadership in times of demographic change” as a part of leadership duties
  • Active knowledge management and effective succession planning

The demographic situation within the BASF Group varies widely by region. Particularly in Germany and North America, an aging population presents us with challenges. We are also intensely occupied with future issues like new technologies, growing digitalization (“Industry 4.0”), and the ever-increasing delay of retirement. We create a framework to help maintain the employability of our personnel at all stages of life and ensure the availability of qualified employees. Our employees and leaders are supported with health and exercise programs, flexible working arrangements, age-appropriate workplaces and demographic analyses. The topic “leadership in times of demographic change” also forms a part of our leadership programs. In addition, we actively engage in knowledge management and systematic succession planning.

BASF Group employee age structure
(Total: 112,435, thereof 24.2% women, as of December 31, 2015)
BASF Group employee age structure (pie chart)