Segment profile

The Functional Materials & Solutions segment comprises the Catalysts, Construction Chemicals, Coatings and Performance Materials divisions. They develop and market system solutions, services and innovative products for specific sectors and customers, particularly for the automotive, electronics, chemical and construction industries as well as for household applications, sports and leisure.



Automotive and process catalysts, battery materials, precious metal trading

Construction Chemicals

Solutions for building structure and envelopes, interior construction and infrastructure


Coatings solutions for automotive and industrial applications, decorative paints

Performance Materials

Polyurethanes, thermoplastics, foams and epoxy resins


Functional Materials & Solutions – Sales (graphic)

Functional Materials & Solutions – Factors influencing sales
Functional Materials & Solutions – Factors influencing sales (bar chart)
Functional Materials & Solutions – Income from operations before special items (in million €)
Functional Materials & Solutions – Income from operations before special items (bar chart)

How we create value – an example

MasterSeal® 6100 FX

A new generation of cement-based waterproofing

Value for BASF

up to 30%

Expected sales growth through 2020

Value for our customers and the environment

up to 50%

Reduced material consumption

Concrete structures that collect, store and transport water are designed to have a service life of more than 20 years. To keep maintenance costs at a minimum, specific protection from water damage is needed. MasterSeal® 6100 FX is a waterproofing membrane with unmatched performance on the market. With this product, we expect sales growth of up to 30% by 2020.

MasterSeal® 6100 FX’s high-yielding formulation requires up to 50% less material than typical applications to form a waterproofing membrane. For users, this reduces storage and transportation costs and allows for easier handling. Compared with other formulations, the product reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 70%. Its quick hardening time also minimizes construction and maintenance time for our customers.


  • Development of innovative products and technologies in close collaboration with our customers
  • Focus on specialties and system solutions that allow customers to stand out from the competition

We use BASF’s expertise as the world’s leading chemical company to develop innovative products and technologies in close cooperation with our customers. Our aim is to find the best solution in terms of cost and functionality, helping our customers contribute to sustainable development. Our specialties and system solutions enable customers to stand out from the competition. 

One focus of our strategy is the ongoing optimization of our product portfolio and structures according to different regional market requirements as well as trends in our customer industries. We are positioning ourselves to profitably grow faster than the market.

We aim to secure our leading market position in Europe, to profitably expand our position in the North American market and to selectively extend our activities in the growth regions of Asia, South America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.