BASF Plant Science – Plant biotechnology at BASF

BASF Plant Science is one of the world’s leading suppliers of plant biotechnology for agriculture. Our headquarters at the Research Triangle Park site near Raleigh, North Carolina, ensure our proximity to our main markets in North and South America. With our global network of research sites, we help farmers meet the growing demand for increased agricultural productivity as well as better nutrition. BASF invested around €150 million for this purpose in 2015. Research expenses, sales, earnings and all other data of BASF Plant Science are not included in the Agricultural Solutions segment; they are reported in Other.

With a pioneering platform for gene identification, BASF Plant Science has specialized in the development of plant characteristics such as higher yield, herbicide tolerance and disease resistance. Our goal is to optimize crops so that farmers can achieve greater and more secure yields. In this way, we make an important contribution to securing a better food supply for a growing world population. We also contribute to sustainable agriculture, as the cultivation of these plants significantly reduces the amount of land, water and energy required to produce each metric ton of harvested crops. One example is the drought-resistant corn launched on the market in 2013, which can protect farmers in the United States from harvest losses in times of drought.