Construction Chemicals

  • Currency and volumes-related sales growth of €244 million to €2,304 million
  • Considerable rise in earnings as a result of volumes growth and positive currency effects

In the Construction Chemicals division, sales to third parties rose by €244 million year-on-year to €2,304 million. This was predominantly the result of positive currency effects in almost every region, as well as higher volumes (volumes 5%, prices –1%, portfolio 0%, currencies 8%).

In Europe, sales especially increased on account of greater demand. In North America, considerable year-on-year sales growth was mainly attributable to positive currency effects, in addition to slightly higher volumes and prices. Positive currency effects and a rise in volumes were largely responsible for considerably improved sales in the region South America, Africa, Middle East. Demand for our products grew particularly in the countries of the Middle East. Sales in Asia increased predominantly on account of positive currency effects, with volumes growing slightly and prices down.

Income from operations before special items considerably surpassed the level of 2014, especially because of higher volumes and positive currency effects.

Construction Chemicals – Sales by region (Location of customer)
Functional Materials & Solutions – Construction Chemicals – Sales by region (pie chart)