BASF Report 2021

In Focus: Research and Development for the Right Balance in Agriculture

For BASF, sustainability begins in research and development. Farmers in particular face major challenges: feeding a growing world population, changing weather conditions due to climate change, and limited natural resources and arable land.

Our research and development activities innovate for farmers’ success in strategically relevant crops in major markets around the world. They range from seed, biological and chemistry innovations to digital solutions that protect plants against fungal diseases, insect pests and weeds, and improve soil management and plant health. In 2021, we spent €904 million on research and development in the Agricultural Solutions segment, representing around 11% of the segment’s sales. By 2031, we will launch major pipeline projects across all business areas. Our well-stocked innovation pipeline has a peak sales potential totaling more than €7.5 billion with products to be launched between 2021 and 2031. BASF’s solutions help farmers achieve better yield and promote healthy eating, balancing economic, environment and societal demands.

Our research and development facilities are a global network of research sites, seed production and breeding stations. Proximity to our customers and the crops they grow enables us to seize future market opportunities and increase our competitiveness.

Our biotechnology activities and our research and development capabilities comprise advanced breeding techniques, analytics, technology platforms and trait validation. To offer tailor-made, more sustainable crop solutions, our research platform on gene identification focuses on plant characteristics that enable higher yield and better quality, disease resistance and tolerance of environmental factors, such as drought. We apply state-of-the-art scientific methods such as genetic engineering and selective genome editing. These biotechnology activities are part of BASF’s Bioscience Research division.1

At a glance

€904 million

Research and development expenses in the Agricultural Solutions segment in 2021

>€7.5 billion

Peak sales potential of our innovation pipeline with products to be launched between 2021 and 2031

1 Corporate research and development expenses, sales, earnings and all other data for BASF’s Bioscience Research division are not reported in the Agricultural Solutions segment; they continue to be reported under Other.

Two men in white coats, one person points to the right (photo)
Genome editing
Genome editing refers to a series of new molecular biological methods to make specific changes in the genome. Naturally occurring processes are used to make small changes to an organism’s genes to modify a specific characteristic. Such techniques have great potential for innovative solutions in healthcare, agriculture and industrial applications, for example.
Peak sales potential
The peak sales potential of the Agricultural Solutions pipeline describes the total peak sales forecast for individual products in the research and development pipeline. Peak sales are the highest sales value to be expected from one year. The pipeline comprises innovative products that have been on the market since 2021 or will be launched on the market by 2031.
Traits are commercial plant characteristics, such as an inherent resistance to certain herbicides or an inherent defense against certain insects.