BASF Report 2021

Dialog with Employee Representatives

Trust-based cooperation with employee representatives is an important component of our corporate culture. Our open and continual dialog lays the foundation for balancing the interests of the company and its employees, even in challenging situations. In the case of organizational changes or if restructuring leads to staff downsizing, for example, or in the case of codetermination-relevant topics, we involve employee representatives at an early stage to develop socially responsible implementation measures. In 2021, this happened in connection with the planned organizational realignment of research, for example. Our actions are aligned with the respective legal regulations and the agreements reached, as well as operational conditions. The organizational protective measures taken during the coronavirus pandemic to date are backed by our employee representatives.

By focusing our discussions on the local and regional situations, we aim to find tailored solutions to the different challenges and legal conditions for each site. The BASF Europa Betriebsrat (European Works Council) addresses cross-border matters in Europe. In South America, we foster dialog with the Diálogo Social. In China, we work together with trade unions that have been organized locally within the framework of legal possibilities.

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