BASF Report 2021

In Focus: Continuation of Global Aid Measures During the Coronavirus Pandemic

BASF launched the Helping Hands aid campaign in 2020 to help fight the coronavirus and its effects. In 2021, we continued to use our expertise in research, production, procurement and logistics to support people affected by the pandemic around the world.

In April 2021, BASF opened the first accredited corporate coronavirus vaccination center in Germany at its Ludwigshafen site. More than 22,000 primary vaccinations and more than 21,000 secondary vaccinations were administered there from April to August and more than 10,000 booster vaccinations were administered there in December to BASF employees, contractors and site partners. The coronavirus vaccination center was established and operated by an interdisciplinary team from various BASF units, coordinated by Corporate Health Management.

A global working group in our Pharma Solutions business unit has supported pharmaceutical companies in their research on vaccines and therapies to combat COVID-19 since March 2020. The task force reviews patent applications, clinical trials and scientific publications to identify potential collaborations with companies. BASF is currently supporting the global development of more than 80 therapies with its ingredients and expertise.

BASF products were used to cool coronavirus vaccines. For instance, Elastopir© insulation panels were produced in cooperation with a partner in Malaysia and used to equip refrigerated warehouses in Asia. In cooperation with various partners in Germany, Neopor® and Styropor®, BASF’s expandable polystyrenes (EPS), were used to produce boxes to transport COVID-19 vaccines due to their good insulating and shock-absorbing properties.

In 2021, BASF also provided in-kind support around the world to overcome the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. For example, BASF donated molecular sieves to the Indian government to facilitate the production of medical oxygen. Medical equipment, including ventilators, was also donated, and acute care units were set up in Mumbai together with partners. We donated medical equipment to Malaysian hospitals for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. In South America, BASF launched a food drive and donated food packages to communities around BASF sites. The food was distributed there to those in need with the help of employees who volunteered their time.

Dr. Sung Min Pyo looking at a syringe (photo)
Dr. Sung Min Pyo, a pharmacist in the Nutrition & Health division and part of BASF’s interdisciplinary team at the coronavirus vaccination center, is responsible for ensuring that the vaccines are used as required, among other things.