BASF Report 2021

Employee Engagement

BASF can rely on the engagement of its employees. This is shown by a passion for the job, a dedication to top performance and a strong commitment to BASF. Global employee surveys and pulse checks are established feedback tools in the BASF Group and are used to actively involve employees in shaping their working environment. The results are communicated to employees, the Board of Executive Directors, the Supervisory Board and stakeholders. We have performed regular global employee surveys since 2008. We aim to keep the high level of employee engagement determined by these surveys and increase it even further as far as possible. As part of the BASF strategy, we therefore set ourselves the following goal in 2018: More than 80% of our employees feel that at BASF, they can thrive and perform at their best. We regularly calculate the employee engagement level as an index score based on five questions on set topics in our employee surveys. The most recent survey from 2020 revealed an engagement index of 82% (2019: 79%). Our aim is to keep this score above 80%. We support our leaders with a range of follow-up measures to decentrally address individual action areas and in this way, help to further strengthen employee engagement together with their employees.

Pulse checks were carried out to identify and address employees’ specific needs in 2021. In North and South America, for example, surveys were conducted on the inclusion of diversity. These revealed a desire to further embed inclusive behavior in the working environment, among other things. Employees in Germany and Europe were surveyed about their current work situation, flexible working, stresses caused by the coronavirus pandemic and team sentiment. Among other things, the results showed that employees feel safe working at our sites and that employees who have been working flexibly since the start of the pandemic are coping well with it. Regular global employee surveys remain a focus, and we plan to conduct the next survey in spring 2022.

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