BASF Report 2021

Segment Profile

The Surface Technologies segment comprises the Catalysts and Coatings divisions, which offer chemical solutions for surfaces. Its portfolio serves industries such as the automotive and chemical sectors and includes automotive OEM and refinish coatings, surface treatment, catalysts, battery materials, and precious and base metal services. We improve our customers’ applications and processes with tailored products, technologies and solutions, and support them through geographical proximity across all regions. The aim is to drive BASF’s growth by leveraging our portfolio of technologies and expanding our position as a leading and innovative provider of battery materials and surface coatings solutions.

Tri-Metal Catalyst technology

BASF’s innovative Tri-Metal Catalyst technology enables the partial substitution of palladium with platinum in production processes. Although slightly more palladium is produced every year than platinum, demand for palladium is currently around three times higher. Tri-Metal Catalysts help to reduce costs for automotive manufacturers and partially alleviate deficits in the platinum metals market. With this technology, BASF expects to expand its market share and anticipates a total annual sales potential of around €175 million by 2026.

Tri-metal catalyst technology (photo)


€22,659 million

2020: €16,659 million

EBIT before special items

€800 million

2020: €484 million

Division, products, applications



Customer industries and applications


Automotive catalysts, process catalysts and technologies, battery materials, precious and base metal services

Automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, refineries, battery manufacturers, solutions for the protection of air quality as well as the production of fuels, chemicals, plastics and battery materials, battery material recycling


Coatings solutions for automotive applications, technology and system solutions for surface treatments, decorative paints

Automotive industry, body shops, steel industry, aviation, aluminum applications in the architecture and construction industries, household appliances, painting businesses and private consumers