What we expect from our leaders

  • Leaders as role models
  • Multifaceted offers for leadership development

Our leaders should be role models for applying our strategy in daily corporate life. We expect them to have a positive influence on shaping day-to-day business, relaying company values, and motivating employees. This includes how challenges are approached and how the leader’s area of responsibility is continuously developed. Our leadership culture is founded on BASF’s strategic principles and values as well as on the standards of behavior set out by our global Code of Conduct.

We offer our leaders learning and development measures for all phases of their career, coordinating global, regional and local opportunities. These are geared toward strengthening our leaders’ competencies and offer chances to network and learn from one another. For example, we began the European Emerging Leader program in 2016, which guides leadership candidates into their roles over a period of 1.5 years. Similar programs are available in other regions, too: In Asia Pacific, for example, we run an internal training and further development course for leaders to become coaches.

Leadership responsibility in the BASF Group



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Employees with disciplinary leadership responsibilities





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