Supplementary Information on the Oil & Gas Segment (Unaudited)

The following provides supplementary information on the Exploration & Production business sector of the Oil & Gas segment. In the absence of detailed disclosure rules in this area under the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), the presentation is based on the FASB standard Extractive Activities – Oil and Gas (Topic 932), which is a further development of SFAS 69. In the following sections, the determination of the amounts complies with the metrics set out by IFRS that underlie the BASF Group Consolidated Financial Statements: Operating income from oil and gas-producing activities; Period expenditures for acquisition, exploration and development of oil and gas deposits; Capitalized costs relating to oil and gas producing activities; and Capitalized exploration drilling: suspended well costs. The definition of companies accounted for using the equity method also follows the approach of the Consolidated Financial Statements. These changes were introduced in 2016 to improve comparability between the Supplementary Information on the Oil & Gas Segment and the BASF Group Consolidated Financial Statements. The amounts for 2015 have been restated accordingly. The cash flow from the Yuzhno Russkoye project is shown in the fully consolidated company responsible for marketing the gas.

According to Topic 932, the current economic conditions were considered in the determination of oil and gas reserves as well as the standardized calculation of discounted net cash flows. The prices used are valued at the average price calculated from the prices on the first day of the month for the past 12 months. Expected proven reserves and the resulting future net cash flows can vary significantly from the current estimates. Furthermore, the realized prices and costs and the actual cash flows resulting therefrom may differ from the estimate in amount and distribution over time. Therefore, the values presented should not be interpreted as a prediction of future cash flows, nor in their sum as the current value of the company.

Furthermore, different prices, costs and volume estimates are used for operative decisions as well as for the preparation of the Consolidated Financial Statements. Therefore, the reserves and net cash flows shown are not comparable with statements and values in the Consolidated Financial Statements.

According to the requirements in Topic 932, regions with more than a 15% share of total reserves must be shown separately. Therefore, the regions in the supplementary information differ from those presented in the Group Consolidated Financial Statements. Aside from the countries Germany and Russia, this includes the regions: Rest of Europe; North Africa/Middle East; as well as South America.

The regions include the following countries with operating activities:



Exploration & Production


Rest of Europe


United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Norway


North Africa / Middle East



Abu Dhabi

South America