Close dialog with the capital market

  • Roadshows for institutional investors and talks with rating agencies
  • BASF Roundtable Asia Pacific
  • Information events for private investors

Our corporate strategy aims to create long-term value. We support this strategy through regular and open communication with all capital market participants. To keep institutional investors and rating agencies informed, we host numerous one-on-one meetings and roadshows worldwide. We also hold informational events to provide private investors with an insight into BASF. In 2016, around 1,500 private investors took the opportunity to attend such events in Germany and Austria.

At the end of September 2016, we informed analysts and investors at our “Roundtable Asia Pacific” event in London about our activities in the region as well as the growth potential for the chemical industry. With the aid of concrete measures and examples, it was explained how BASF intends to continue growing profitably in the Asia Pacific region in the future.

In 2016, we once again held special events aimed toward investors who base their investment decisions on sustainability criteria. There, we outlined in particular our measures for climate protection and energy efficiency. In addition, we offered several special creditor relations roadshows, where creditors and credit analysts could learn more about our business and financing strategy.

Investors can find comprehensive information about BASF and BASF shares on our website and on social media platforms.

Analysts and investors have confirmed the quality of our communication work: We took first place among European chemical companies in the annual survey conducted by Britain’s IR Magazine. Institutional Investor Magazine recognized BASF in such areas as best investor day and best investor relations program in the European chemical industry. Moreover, the British IR Society honored the integration of sustainability reporting into BASF’s corporate communications activities with first place in this international category. BASF won the Building Public Trust Award from auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers for best integrated corporate report in 2015. The award, which was presented in Germany for the first time, is intended to recognize companies for their open, honest and transparent reporting, not just of the classic reporting elements but also nonfinancial aspects such as sustainability, risk management and corporate governance.